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Novice Question - Where to buy notes?


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Some good UK based sellers in notes:


Pam West - www.britishnotes.co.uk


Jane White - http://www.banknotes4sale.com/


Kate Gibson - www.katespapermoney.com


Ian Gradon - www.worldnotes.co.uk


These are all highly reputable dealers, not always the "cheapest" - but you will get accurately graded notes and top notch service everytime. I have never been disappointed with any purchases from any of the four above, and a couple of them I have dealt with for more than a decade.

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If you are in London you can also go to Colin Narbeth, near Leiceister Square they have a shop where you can browse the notes in the shop. Its nice to be able to go in there as he is very helpful and knowlegdeable .. I am a new collector as well and so for me it was very useful to be able to talk to someone face to face to ask the wquestions. If you want to contact me offline, feel free. I am also in the Uk. Email is Tegwin_15 at yahoo.co.uk .. (Replace at with teh @ sign).



I too have used both katespapermoney.com and Pam West (britishnotes) and can vouch for them both as well


Also perhaps you can join the IBNS, tehy have a lot of people who are very knowlegedable.

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I was looking for some bermuda banknotes(2009), but they seem hard to find. On ebay, theres only one seller, based in china. Can anyone offer any help?



I just purchased one from a dealer in HongKong. It arrived in Good condition yesterday and only ordered it a week ago. You have to use EBAY.COM not co.uk





The sellers name is TOYONOTES..


Let me know if you need some help






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