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America The Beautiful Quaters Program

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Hi all,


i'm interessted in the following coins of the new "America The Beautiful Quaters Program":


2x Hot Springs National Park Arkansas Mint D + P

2x Yellowstone National Park Wyoming Mint D + P

2x Yosemite National Park California Mint D + P

2x Grand Canyon National Park Arizona Mint D + P

2x Mount Hood National Forest Oregon Mint D + P


I would swap them against Euro-Coins or buy.



El Buitre

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Hello. I'd be happy to help but these quarters have not been showing up in change or at the banks in my area. You might consider purchasing them from a dealer.

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I have a spare one I think it's Hot Springs in unc condition, I will look for it and let you know exactly which one it is, it is in a 2x2 holder, and you can have it for free.

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