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What are the chances that it's genuine?


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Anybody here an expert on this extremely rare series?

Mormon $5 gold, 1850


The fact that it was advertised as having jewelry mount removal (German: "Fassungsspur") would make me inclined to think it might be ... :yes:


Price realized: €7,800 (almost $10,000 -- or even more with 15% buyer's fee)


(Now how in the world did this end up in Leipzig, of all places???) :hysterical:

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Unfortunately their coins were fairly poorly struck - and the metallurgy left something to be desired too - which is why they fairly quickly dropped out of circulation. For those factors - determination of authenticity would thence involve a spectro-analysis of the metallurgy of the coin to determine it's diagnostics. If the piece were indeed authentic I would question it being auctioned in Europe and not in the USA where it would attract considerably more interests especially with LDS church members that are also collectors.

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