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Please help ID my wife's medals

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My wife has two interesting medals from her dad's estate that she is considering selling and I have volunteered to try and find out more about them.


Yes, it's true, I am the perfect husband... :grin:


Here is the first medal:





The medal has LEUTZE DEL. and ELLIS SC. inscribed.


My limited research implies that it is a United States Lifesaving medal designed by Emanuel Leutze.

Judging by the size and weight (66mm and 119 grams) this may be a Julian LS-1 or LS-2.


Onto the second medal:





Inscription is NAPOLEON III - EMPEREUR and signed M. Ponsoarme on the obverse and EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE MDCCCLXVII A PARIS RECOMPENSES on the reverse with L.W. FAIRCHILD in the center.


L.W. Fairchild was a company that manufactured fancy gold fountain pens.


Any info on either of these medals would be greatly appreciated.

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The second I cannot be any assistance on, but the first was issued by the United States Lifesaving Service in the 19th century and is an award medal to someone that must have saved a life or lives from a shipwreck on the coast. I have seen a similar medal in a museum in Traverse City MI where the Lifesaving service had a station during that time.


Here is a website that details some of the efforts of this early organisation that was a precursor to the modern Coast Guard:


Lifesaving Service

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The second one, judging by what it says, is an example of the recompenses that were given out to the exhibitors. The date of the World Fair in Paris (Exposition Universelle De 1868 A Paris) was actually 1867 but I assume that, as these recompenses were handed out at the close of the fair then 1868 is feasible. As for Napoleon III appearing, well, he was Emperor of France and he was the one that decreed that it should be held in Paris at that date.


Well, I hope that helps somewhat and gives you a line to follow. I could be completely wrong, however... :lol:

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The lifesaving medal was engraved by Salathiel Ellis(1803c-1879) & I assume, it was from a painting or design by Emanuel Leutze.


François-Joseph-Hubert Ponscarme(H. Ponscarme)born Belmont-les-Monthureux, Vosges, 20 May 1827; died Malakoff, Hauts-de-Seine, 28 Feb 1903: Ponscarme received his first official commission, for a portrait medal of Napoleon III, in 1854, and from 1857 he exhibited regularly at the Salon. The prize medal that he executed for the Exposition Universelle in Paris of 1867 was very well received. It was struck in gold, silver & bronze as award medals(Ist, 2nd. 3rd class) for the exhibitors. The awarding jury could also issue certificates of honourable mention & a limited number of Grand Prizes. The gold medals & Grand Prizes were handed out personally by the Emperor in a grand ceremony at the Palais de L'Industrie.


Of interest to us, one of the Grand Prizes was awarded to Herr Jacobi, of Prussia for "Galvano-plastic" or works in electro-bronze.

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