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George V

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A post from another forum


"On the "hallmarked" Middle Eastern 21 kt sovereigns.

From my experiences in Jordan it is very common to find in the gold shops and jewellers sovereigns that are replicas (made often by casting). No one is trying to cheat any one with them they are always hallmarked 21 kt. If unsure just ask where was it made. I have found in the middle east it is best to go to jewellers shops and ask for gold coins. Unlike the gold shops in the markets they will sell the coins at the daily spot price. Jewellers usually have a small bag or box of gold coins they have purchased from their customers. Although 60% of the coins are usually 21kt replicas the other 40 % can be very interesting"


IMHO that is probably what you have, maybe to go in a fake sovereign ring or just as jewelery.

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