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2010 Extra Mint Set and Proof Set Coins


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Ok, I ordered my mint and proof sets last week, one to keep and one to break up for my albums, so I will have some extras available as follows (all prices include shipping to the USA, international shipping will be higher):


Mint Set Coins (all Satin Finish):

2010-P National Parks Quarters (set of 5) -$6

2010-D National Parks Quarters (set of 5) -$6

2010-P President Dollars (set of 4) -$11

2010-P President Dollars (set of 4) -$11

2010-P Sacaqawea Dollar - $3

2010-D Sacagawea Dollar - $3


Proof Coins:

2010-S Lincoln Cent - $2

2010-S Jefferson Nickel - $2

2010-S National Parks Quarters Clad (set of 5) -$15

2010-S National Parks Quarters Silver (set of 5) -$32

2010-S Kennedy Half Dollar Clad - $7

2010-S Kennedy Hald Dollar Silver - $16

2010-S President Dollars (set of 4) -$16

2010-S Sacaqawea Dollar - $10


If you are interested, please PM or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com Thanks!

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