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1900 Victoria Cent


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I would be grateful for some information regarding this coin if posible.


In particular grade, value and history.

Good day Rob

THe previous posters are much kinder than I am.

I believe your coin to be no better than VG.

there is too much wear at the top of the "E" in cent & the letter "N" is also badly worn,then there are the scratches all over with the deep one running between 'one & cent', corrosion & dent/dings in the edge.

THe jewels in her crown, actually all the high points are quite worn.

THe fine hair detail is not observable in the photo, even blown up 4 times the submitted size.

Finally there is the ribbon in her hair where it touches her neck.

that is a high detail that is almost not visible in your photo.


So maybe an upper VG coin , but thats of course my opinion.

Trends value in the latest issue (Aug 13/Sept 13-2010) puts this in VG-1900'H' as $4.00, if it is a Fine- $5.00


Trends has been downgrading pries for lower quality coins lately based on the information for what these have been bringing in at shows, auctions etc around the Country.

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Even though the quality isn't the best, this is still a beautiful piece of Canadian history.


Here's some more interesting info about this particular coin:


It was one of approximately 2600 Canadian one cent coins minted at Birmingham Mint in Birmingham, England. Here's the link to the mint's wikipedia page for more info: Birmingham Mint Wikipedia Page


Canadian one cent coins were also minted at the Royal Mint in England in 1900, but yours has a small "H" on the reverse at the very bottom signifying that it comes from Birmingham(FYI Royal Mint Coins have no markings).


Enjoy your acquisition!



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