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KM provides a combined mintage of 3.2m for all types of 1/2 rupees dated 1875.


By a fair bit, one of the more common dates of the type. Relatively scarce compared to the 1/4 and full rupees, though.

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i have searched around the globe and found


a dealer with a rather nast one at £65

one from thailand at £150

and another in austrailia at £200


i also had a dealer from india email me later on today and he has told me that mine is an A/I minted in calcutta


there doesnt seem to be many floating about anymore comparing to the ater victoria coins though which is good

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My copy from the 90s, and it gives $5 for F up to $50 for UNC.


I can't see present values being any more than 3x what they were 10-15 years ago, considering that Indian coins never were "hot".


i hear you but read an article that the most wanted coins by indian collectors are the victorian ones mostly, and as lots of them are getting more monies these days they are persuing coin collecting.


i dont personally collect these coins i got mine in a large lot from the wonderful world of ebay but as usual found it interesting on the history behind these little blighters


i had another indian coin a while back in another lot i had bought, only thought it would sell for a couple of quid and got me £55 for it in the end, well chuffed


thanks again CCG for the information

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