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Junk world coins giveaway

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Rather than just tossing these into the trash bin, I'll see if there is any interest in these. Nothing really special, just random coins (+/-20) that I've put aside as junk and now want to get rid of them. If you're interested, post in this thread and I'll pick the win . . . err . . . recipient at random this Sunday. :ninja:

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Welcome back RD - where you been hiding?


In the asylum for the past 3 weeks :ninja:, other than that took a break from the hobby for the past 2 years due to my last year in school and my first year in university (got skipped a year) + joining AIESEC a non-profit organization, But as I told the guys and M in the asulym,


You can never leave Coinpeople to be honest! (i.e. if your an old member) Life can get in the way, Such as your last yr in school, first year in uni, work and mainly your collection which grows big to fast that you don't know how to store them all, and lose track of what you have and don't have, etc. which can be a real demotivator! try cataloging 10k+ UNIQUE coins at once ...its truly is impossible (I'm an impatient person.... I have to do it all at once! or non at all! )


But...eventually..... when the coins people still give you grows into a huge pile that is hard to ignore, when you find that note with an awesome serial, when you skim through your collection and see the coins and banknotes that people like Corky and Vfox gave you as a 14 -15 yr old kid and asked for nothing in return and which I would have unlikely ever gotten in the midd east ... you remember the community that gave you knowledge about your hobby!


And that special community is Coinpeople!

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