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1862 Italian 10 Centisimi coin


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Hello all,


I would be grateful for some advice in relation to this Italian coin.


I suggest the grade is: fair (UK) good (US), am I close?


Does this coin have any value? and also where can I find out more information regarding world coins? As I would like to know more about its history/mintage etc...


As always many thanks in advance for your help.














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Hello Rob.


The coin could be graded as F, even a little bit less the obverse.


1862 is a quite common year, and has some value only for highest grades. This is a decent piece, anyway it is in sold just for about 25 US$.


All the details at this page. There you will find all the information you asked, with the mintage and the final price of many auctions, of course just for pieces in VF grade or more.

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