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some early soviet 2 kopecks


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i have these 3. now i have had these a long while, and the 1929 and 2nd design 1935 were my first russian coins so really have a place. now the reason i have uploaded these only now is.. the 1935 2nd design has been lost for many months (it was in one of those pages when i was moving stuff a few pages banged togather when picking it up, sending a few coins flying everywhere, and you know.. someone else hoovering you fear the worst, well it turned up when i was clearing out some old stuff that had ended up under a wardrobe near the incident (makes sence.. always wonder why stuff only turns up when you ARN'T looking for it :ninja:) so as the 1929 was with that 35 and the second 35 was to replace the other, i hated the thought of browsing my russian collection and seeing that 1929 and replacement 35 looking at me, so now it has turned up, i'm happy and i have uploaded some pictures.


here is the 1929, pretty good, strike looks weak and dirt doesnt help.


here is the replacement to the 1935 i had lost, quite bright and nice to the eye, however not of the same type so was a bit dissapointed as i would have loved an exact replacement. surprised i remembered it was a 35 tbh lol


and here is that offending 1935, you can see why i was annoyed to lose it, looks to be in a very nice grade. bar the scratches.


now i have to ask.. why are there 2 designs for 1935? and how much are each of these worth?

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first type is not rare at all, the second type has few variants estimated from $5 up to $200 according Fedorin book 2nd edition; which is yours -? :ninja:

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I wanted to emphasized for ScottO that variants exists for his type of coin (1935), I cannot check it,

needs better photo,


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cant find anything about them.

if i knew what the variants looked like

better photo would help :ninja:

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