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Identify Coin Please?


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Any idea where I could get some real coins?

First, buy some books to learn about coins. The investment of time and money will ultimately prove to be the most valuable investment you will ever make in numismatics. Until you know what you are looking at (and buying) you are at very great risk of overspending - sometimes by a significant amount.


Then, when you are ready to buy, here's a very incomplete list of places to look:


  1. Check your local phone book for coin dealers
  2. Check the phone book for antique stores*
  3. Search the internet for coin shows in your area
  4. Check out EBay*
  5. Check out Craig's List*
  6. Check out the Buy/Sell/Trade sections of many coin-oriented internet forums
  7. Check out other internet auction sites*
  8. Check the internet for coin dealer sites
  9. Find coin publications on the internet, then obtain hard copies and read the ads
  10. Check out the ads on this, and other internet forum sites


*Be careful, be very careful about verifying genuineness
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