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1963-D RED - Grade?


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Where did you get it? It's difficult to tell how much luster is present based on the pictures, but I find many pennies like this one at my work. Currently, the coin is only worth face value, or two cents for the copper value.


Simply put, the value of any given coin is determined in part by how difficult it would be to replace it. Coins like this one are still common because even though the memorial penny is technically obsolete, it is not at all difficult to find '63-D pennies in circulation, even in high grades. The memorial penny still constitutes about 95-100% of all circulating pennies. Wait 30 or 40 years until a copper penny becomes a notable find in circulation, and then you can expect to see an increase in price. Still, given the very minor increase in value that wheat pennies saw, I wouldn't expect more than 5 cents out of it.

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