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Thames Tunnel Construction and Brunel Portrait Medal

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I became interested in this and the history behind about two years ago by searching the web for a Brunel advertising token.




Great Britain, Thames Tunnel Construction and Brunel Portrait Medal, medallist J. Taylor, ca. 1845-1848 AD.,

white metal medal (38mm / 16,80 g),

Obv.: SIR ISAMBART MARC - BRUNEL, F. R. S. & c. / J. TAYLOR , head facing left.

Rev.: THE WONDERFUL IRON SHIELD / 200 Tns Wt. / USED IN CONSTRUCTING / THE THAMES TUNNEL // DIMENSIONS OF EXCAVATION / 38Ft. Wd. 22Ft6In Hgh / 76Ft / BELOW HIGH WATER MARK / J TAYLOR BIRM: - W. GRIFFIN LONDON. , view of section of two tunnels, men working in compartments.

the same type on: http://www.limerickcorp.ie/WebApps/Museum/...s&RowID=645 .



Now - when i finally found one - the infomation on the web seems to be gone.


All i can remember is that it´s (supposed to be?) quite rare.


Maybe someone has the BHM info?



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It is BHM#2086 (1842) by James Taylor for William Griffin & I hope you will not be too disappointed but it is only RRR. for extremely rare!! Well done Arminius, it is a beautiful medal & very interesting as well, great find.


James Taylor (fl 1841-56), medallist, seal-engraver & die-sinker. His place of business was at 71, Summer Lane, Birmingham. In 1856 the business was taken over by his employee, Joseph Moore.

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