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Holey coin grouping and some other world stuff

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Got a few holeys to disperse...


1866 Great Britain Gothic Florin, nice VF or so, hole at the top .3364 ASW

Panama 1 balboa of the type from 1931-1953...very worn, hole at the top .7735 ASW

1816 Great Britain shilling, Nice VF or a little better, hole at the top .1682 ASW

1851A Switzerland 1 franc, F, holed after Helvetia on obverse .1447 ASW

1827 Go MJ Mexico real, well worn, holed at the top of the eagle, has a bump coming out of the coin at the phrygian cap...solder, counterstamp? .0981 ASW

France demi-franc, F, but holed over head which is right through the end of the date...looks like 1810B to me .0723 ASW

1881 Mo F Mexico 1/2 real, holed at the top of the head, G .0490 ASW

1693 Saxony (or one of it's adjoining states) 3 pfennig, nice VF coin, pierced at bottom of orb. I'm guessing at .05 ASW


Also including a chunky 1" round or so 1860 copper coin with a large 4 above the date...appears to be German States or maybe Austria


$45.00 delivered to US addresses...slightly higher elsewhere





1915 Cuba peso, I believe that this is a high relief model, but admitedly don't know much about these - $32.00 (SOLD)





1876 Zs JS Mexico 8 reales, Zacatecas mint, AU - $37.00 (SOLD)



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1876 Zs S Mexico 50 centavos, better date, XF+/AU with a weaker strike - $350 delivered anywhere





1932-J Germany 4 pfennig - $17.00 delivered






Group of German States coins, 13 of them silver. All are either quite worn or have some green on them (which might be able to be removed). Noticed dates 1707, 1765, 1804, most are from the mid 1800's - $30.00 delivered



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1696 German States-Saxony 1/12 thaler, decent detail. Seems to be struck slightly rotated on a ovel planchet, resulting in a strange presentation - $20.00 delivered






Lauer Plus Ultra/Sun-Moon-Stars Jeton, 15mm - $10.00 delevered






Group of three well worn/damaged 8 reales - $45.00 delivered to US addresses (SOLD)



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