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I don't even know what to think of this one!


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LANZ Russland Zarin Katharina II. 4 Kopeke 1796 *BO406




Katharina II., 1762 - 1796.


4 Kopeken 1796 . Novodel (Sammleranfertigung mit Punze)


Monogramm/Wert und Jahr.


Erhaltung: Stempelglanz


Durchmesser: 37 mm


Gewicht: 31,9 g (Cu)


Winning bid: EUR 152.21:



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I have the one like this one! I got it for 5 bucks as a fantasy souvenir.

the origination of these are resently made for russian museums missing such pieces and for its coin exibition :ninja:

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all these and many others are well known fakes and listed in JRNS :ninja:

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What a pity..had lot of them some time ago and sold on ebay for 10-20 Euro each.... ;)

Next time will put the KRANZ at the beginning of auction and it will go higher !!!


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