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1953 SF/NSF & 1955 SF/NSF?


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Found these roll searching yesterday. Just wondering if i could get your opinions on if i have these labeled correctly. and i am unsure of the 2 unlabeled ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also a quick rough estimate on grade? Have @ crack at her! Thanks! :ninja:















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I guess noone knows about the 53/55 SF/NSF :ninja:;););)

the patina on your NSF coin, that makes it hard to tell from the photo is that a line .

from the photo's it looks to me like all of them have a mark where the shoulder fold is.


But my Charlton Standard says :NSF Obverse- Note flared ends of "I's". The "I" in "DEI" points between 2 rim denticles . SF Obverse-= Note straight-sided "I's". The "I" in "DEI points to a rim denticle.


So you have to imagine a line running directly through the "I" from the bottom through the top & that line goes into a denticle or between them. Going by that & how I see the photo's, the first unlabeled one is SF & the second unlabeled is NSF

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