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Come on my online fox hunt!


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I started the fourth year of this little online image scavenger hunt contest. I'm just here posting the rules and encouraging everyone to come and play! ;)

I'm ganna spam this in the asylum too. :ninja:



The rules of this contest are simple. I will give a series of clue about images relating to foxes (what else?) that I had found online. You, as the contestants will need to find the images and post them in the correct order to win. The first person to get all the exact images I had found and in the correct order - wins.



The FIRST person to find a correct image gets a small incentive prize (it's not much but worth trying for).

The FIRST person to find all ten and put them in ONE POST will be considered the 1st place winner, the second most accurate final guess or the second person to post all ten correct images will get 2nd place and so on down the winning list.



I give better hints as the contest goes on, but you guys have to start somewhere!


The prizes are...as always...a mystery, but you guys know I don't skimp too much.





GO GO GO! ;)

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