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BU Roll of 1961 Canadian Cents


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One last item for your bidding pleasure, I found this roll of Brilliant Uncirculated 1961 Canadian Cents. I bought these sometime in the 1980s, and they are still sealed in the tube I purchased them in, I never opened them or removed them from the tube. I am opening this auction at what I paid for them more than 15 years ago. Thanks for looking and bidding!


Opening Bid: $1.50

Ending date: August 28, 2005 5:00 PM Central Time.

Shipping: $4 to US (these are heavy!), other countries may be more.


Please post bids as replies, and if you choose to raise a bid, please post again rather than editing so everyone can see the most current bid.

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I'm sorry, I guess I should have made it more clear. Since I can't time things on the forum like ebay does, I can only go by the time stamp on the individual posts. So as long as the bids were posted before 5:01, then I figure I should count them. So I think it makes sense to accept any bids up to and including 5:00, which would mean Bobbycoin won.

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