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Chinese province coinage - what do you think?


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I collect only the cash coins, but have thought of branching into the 10 cash(1 cent) coins, but that is where the fakes start popping up like mushrooms. Ever since I was a kid and had a few Chinese cash coins from the 18th and mid 19th centuries, I have had a fascination with them, especially those coins from smaller provinces.

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I'm not really trying, but I'll pick up cash coins as they show up.


Dollars are now virtually impossible (real=expensive; lots of fakes), but minors like dimes can still be done, but difficult.

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Good point ccg. I've tried to look for a Chinese crown size dollar coin but always get dumbfounded at the ridiculous price they command these days. For those who have no clue what the price range is, it's easily 100 USD even in low grade. If you can find any genuine coins below that price, congratulations. But before that, make sure it's genuine because there's just way too many counterfeits. It's like trying to find silver in a minefield.

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No point regretting about some purchases that you could have made earlier Saor. I've seen the same thing happen and thus buying what I can now including damaged coins. When I upgrade, I can always sell them off, thankfully breaking even or making profit.


By the way, I'll have a page of Chinese province coins soon. Those who can't wait can see what I have on omnicoin. :ninja:

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I found that with some detective work you could find nice original coins in China, but they were few and far between. For the most part I stuck to buying up modern Chinese coins and only bought a couple of Ming dynasty coins as well as a few lower priced Chin'g dynasty coins.

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they are out there. ch'ing dynesty cash is the best bet, it has clear mintmarks on the coinage, i picked up a fair few in my dealers for 25p each, (ALMOST a full monarch set lol) problem is they usualy the board of revenue, OR board of public works (both peking)


this is paoting mintmark.




public works - peking


board of revenue - peking







surprised myself how many mintmakrs there are for those.


another bet is the early 10 cash coins (copper pieces from the early 20th century) usualy have english script and differant regions.

picked up a few kwangtung (canton) silver on the cheap in the past on the bay (got a 20 cents thats a bit grotty 1912-24) and this gorgeous 20 cents from 1929 (i dont question the authenticity, the toning is correct for a coin of that age)


do be careful with those cash pieces.... they are addictive

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Canton / Kwangtung republican 20c is by far the easiest Chinese silver coin to collect by date or type if you ignore the year 17 Sun Yat Sen issue. They've gone up in value in recent years, but still readily available and fairly priced in UNC.

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Your Kwangtung 20c looks okay to me. They're fairly easy to get in Unc. Cash is also fairly common and hasn't been bitten by the Chinese coin inflation. Crown-sized dragon dollars are another story. Prices are through the roof.

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