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Is it safe to buy this on ebay?


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I'm actually a Russian coin collector, and have a colleague from India who just had a kid and I wanted to give him a gift in celebration of that fact.


I've always been a little hesitant to buy anything numismatic on ebay but thought this might be inexpensive enough to not be a forgery:




Opinions please?

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It's probably okay, given the seller's feedback rating. I generally don't buy ancients off ebay, as I'm not yet experienced enough with them. But I have bought some lower value/grade ones off the 'bay. I prefer Vcoins though, much more selection, information and better return policies than ebay.

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Actually I did purchase the coin and it arrived safe and sound and looks A-OK.


How would you know?


How many have you seen?

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It had the dull verdegris as one would expect from a 1,000+ year old coin and was sufficiently crudely struck. I think if you were going to fake it, you'd strike it better.


As another reader noted, for $14 it's probably not worth going to the trouble of counterfeiting it.


In comparison to the photos in Mitchener and others from the 'net it looked close enough to the similar coins of the locale/era that I'm pretty sure it's the real deal.


To answer your question: I've never seen a coin like this in my life. I have zero (0) experience with Sassanian/Indian coins. As I indicated, I'm a Russian collector.

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