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August Neidhardt von Gneisenau 1815.

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Obverse: GNEISENAU. Bust left surrounded by a closed wreath, signed LOOS.

Reverse: Coat of Arms FORTITER FIDELITER FELICITER. (Bravely, Faithfully and Cheerfully.) on the ribbon, COLBERG on the centre of the Shield.

1815 28mm Blackened Iron.


Is this a case of "Swords into Plowshares"? or "Cannons into Medals"? Though listed as WM. this is in fact made of iron, it is attracted to a magnet & has slight rust spots. It would make sense because the French had been defeated in 1814(Bonaparte exiled to Elba) and the allies had many captured iron cannons. What would be better than to melt down some french cannons & produce medals of the victorious generals & leaders in 1815? Then Napoleon went & spoilt the party by stirring everything up again!

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