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1817 large cent ... or is it?

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I have an unusual piece here. It's a large cent with the date 1817.




Now take a look at the head of the coin. Notice anything unusual?




That's right. The date does not fit the obverse. Same with the reverse.


Taking a close look at this coin, it appears the second '1' is really a '4' that was worn away. Also it appears that a '1' was edged away to the right of the '8'. Additionally, it seems as if there is a medium sized '7' edged away to the left of the '7'.




My question...Is this a know variety? is this rare? or is this some kind of fake? I am working on a type set and am not familiar with these large cents. Your opinions/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Post-mint damage to make the coin older than it really is. It is very likely, almost certainly a damaged 1847 large cent. It's a shame when people destroy perfectly good coins out of greed. It appears to be more modern, the patina never formed over the scratched off area. I would assume this is a fairly recent job.

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