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GOETZ: K-686(a) 1908 Corps Maneuvers

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K-686(a) Corps Maneuvers 1908 I. Army Corps near Burgau. Struck aluminum with loop, 40.3mm, 7.0g., ST, RRR.


Obverse: Three shields with Busts of Prinz Rupprecht in center and topped with Bavarian crown; Ex. Graf V. Bothmer on the left; and Ex. Kress V. Kressenstein on the right. Behind the shields are fronds of palm and oak. Below, center a small, enameled coat of arms. All elements are contained within a pearled perimeter.


Reverse: CORPSMANÖVER DES I. ARMEECORPS (Corpsmaneuvers of the I. Army Corps). In field: BEI BURGAU / 1908 (near Burgau 1908). In exergue: BAHNHOF (Railway station).


These were Orders that were awarded to participating German Officers.


Although aluminum is today quite cheap, it was still a higher end material in 1908. These medals are struck like proofs with mirrored fields and matte devices and quite stunning in this condition.

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I'm a sucker for early, nice aluminum medals. Make it a Goetz and I'm in.

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