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Please ID. Picked up in Yekaterinburg in 1999.


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I picked these up at a "city market" in Russia in 1999. They were quite cheap... and I've always suspected they were fake. So they're more a memoir of the trip now...


Anyone know anything about them? I don't have a scale here but they're quite heavy for the size.


thank you, much appreciated.



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There are plenty of authentic and affordable 300 year old objects for anyone who chose to have one.


In this case: authentic != 1999+'City market';


Some C humor :ninja:


Basically these are, as you suspected, modern reproductions of very rare coins.


thank you, yes... as suspected.


Do you have any info on the original coins that these are reproducing? The 2 headed eagle? Why they have a city name? etc?

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so interesting... on ebay I found 1 kopek $9.99 "museum copy" but it looks significantly different than mine. It appears that these things were copied/faked by hand and not even by casting an original. Even the fakes are inconsistent. Any way to find a pic of an original one?


I APPEARS that the eBay one is probably a good quality fake and mine is the amateur job. The wear patterns are all wrong. For mine to be so worn as it appears 2 dimensionally... it would have very little vertical relief, it'd be nearly flat. But in reality, mine has quite a bit of relief. Looking at the ebay copy, I think mine was probably made by a real amateur probabably from looking at a coin in a book




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Uzdenikov, Brekke, Bitkin, or GM

would be in great help to you to see the diffrences and accept that theses are fakes :ninja:

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