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George III 1797 & 1790 fake tokens?


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I would be grateful for some guidance regarding the attached coins.


I have been told they are fake but would like to seek further opinion.


The 1790 coin weighs approx 2g and is 20mm in diameter.


The 1797 coin weighs approx 3g and is 25mm in diameter.


Any information you could supply would be helpful in terms of grade, value etc...


Many thanks,







George_III___1797___reverse.jpg George_III___1797___obverse.jpg


George_III___1790___reverse.jpg George_III___1790___obverse.jpg

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These are gambling tokens or counters in the style of a Spade Guinea. So they are imitation coins but made of brass and intended for gaming purposes rather than to deceive.


Many of these would have been made in the late 18th Century with the majority in the early 19th.

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