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James I


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This is a James I silver penny, in spink there are two listed, one is first bust and the other second bust. Can anyone tell me which one it is I have got and how you can tell? Or could you tell me where I might find out?


Thanks in advance for any info!



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This LINK is for the coin pictured below, hope this helps. Clive, we need your help.



James I penny, first coinage, second bust, privy mark, lis.

Classification: 1st coinage, 2nd bust

Mint: London Issue Date: 1604 Metal: Silver

Weight (grams): Diameter: 14mm

Obverse Description: Crowned bust right, I behind. Obverse Legend: I D G ROSA SI[NE SPINA]

Reverse Description: Square-topped shield with privy mark above. Reverse Legend: None

References: Spink 2650A; North - . Chilworth 12.7.08

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Spink pays too much attention to the First and Second Busts of the penny, in my opinion.


However, the differences are the same as the six different James I busts, the best denominations to view for these are the shillings and sixpences. The First Bust has a more rectangular/square beard with a more rounded bust whereas the Second Bust has a more pointed beard that merges with the chest somewhat.


I would say, take a look at your coin in the hand and see whether it has a square beard that doesn't touch the collar much or a pointed beard that mingles with the collar.


Thanks for the heads-up, Pat, I must have missed this thread earlier.


I hope this helps.

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