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1965 Canadian Silver Dime


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Well, I have had some foreign coins laying on my desk for a while, and since I don't collect them, I thought I would try out the auction forum here since I know this forum has a much more international following.


This first coin is a 1965 Canadian silver dime, 80% silver. The coin is unc. but it appears to be proof-like (though it could be a proof as I am not certain what Canadian proofs look like). I will try to attache photos so you can see it for yourselves. Thanks for looking and bidding!


Opening Bid: $1

Ending date: August 27, 2005 5:00 PM Central Time.

Shipping: $1 to US, other countries may be more.


Please post bids as replies, and if you choose to raise a bid, please post again rather than editing so everyone can see the most current bid.

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