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all things Edward, Prince of Wales, Duke of Windsor, The reason for the gap in my cent collection .1936 dot indeed


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Having lamented over the hole in my Canadian cent collection fot too long , I started to look into this man who could be king but thought better of the " opportunity " . I started to collect Royal visit medallions from south africa and such . I have found most of the issued BWA and East Africa, Figi etc. But again two gaps remain . British West Africa 1/10 penny With mint marks KN and H . Any body out there have a lead for me ? I have recently acquired 1911 Investiture Token Edward Prince of Wales in its' original Royal Mint hinged box . Very pleased with this peice . Its like the other book end to duke of windsor memorial silver medallion . There seems to be so much to collect of newer homage to or 'fondly remembering " It gets a bit confusing . And what about this Spink Patina Auction ? Who stuck these things in the first place ? I don't think they did their homewok on the Official crowned bust submissions . Although , I probably would have abdicated as well after seeing these submissions . They might have at least got the crown straight . I digress .

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