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Pre-Euro currency


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German d-marks, Spanish pesatas, and Austrian schillings are the only pre-euro currencies I'm aware of for which there is no redemption deadline. Maybe Ireland as well.


Some currencies, like the Portugeuse escudo, had very short redemption periods.


If the currency is redeemable you'd have to send the coins/notes to the central bank of that coutnry via registered mail (or in person) with the proper forms filled out and identification provided. Payment is usually made by bank transfer, or ocassionally, a euro denominated check. Either form of payment may incur charges for someone outside of Europe to receive/cash.


Given the technicalities and costs, most banks and money changers stopped redeeming/exchanging 'legacy' currencies about a year after the changeover, by which time there wasn't too much left floating around that was "modern" and uncollectable.

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