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1797 George III coin

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Hello all,


I would be grateful for some advice as I am a newbie to this hobby; having been given numerous coins by mother-in-law that belonged to her late husband.


I have attached a photo of one of the coins in this collection and would like to know:


1. What grade a coin in this condition would be considered to be? and

2. Does it have any value? and

3. Is this message posted in the correct place?


The reason I ask is because I have seen similar coins on various websites seling from .99p up to a few hundred! also, I took this and other coins along to a dealer and was offered .50p for it.


I would also like to find out more information regarding the other coins I have in the collection so would like some advice with regards how to post them on this site i.e. new thread for each coin or just try to submit as many photos of the coins at once?


Finally, I have been doing some research on this coin but would appreciate any information you may wish to share as I have started a website recording the coins I have been given, slow process as I have only listed one so far, but if you are interested then the address is 'www.thechestofcoins.com'. Any feedback would be appreciated (however, please note there are affiliate links on the site to Amazon).


Many thanks in advance for your advice.






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Hi and welcome to the forum.


The coin you have there is a George III 'Cartwheel' twopence, the heaviest copper coin ever to circulate in Britain.


Grading is a tricky business and im sure everyone here will have different opinions, personally I would grade it as somewhere between fine and very fine condition, probably in the middle of the two grades, but that is just my opinion. In such a grade if you wanted to buy the coin from a dealer you would probably be able to get one for £50 - £75, however if you want to sell it you won't get that price, your best bet may be ebay where you might get £30 for it.


Regarding your other coins, im sure the people in this forum would be glad to help you out if you can post pictures of the coins. Your best bet would be to sign up to photobucket or something like that, upload your photos there then just copy and paste the link code into your forum posts here, tell us what you want to know and im sure you will get lots of replies telling you what you want to know.


Alternatively you could buy a copy of Spink which has pictures and info of all English coins, I think Ye olde collector, who is one of our members here has a few copies for sale on his website.


Hope that helps

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CCG, there are a few small differences but the two most obvious differences are:


On the obverse the busts are quite different, the bust on the twopence is larger and the hair, eye and wreath are slightly different when compared with the penny.


On the reverse, in the foreground underneath Britannia, there are two waves on the penny but there are 3 waves on the twopence. This is the one I generally use to differenciate between the two.


Does that make sense?

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It's not good that you took this coin to a dealer and they offered you just 50 Pence for it??? Thats a shame, gives honest dealers a bad name. Was this a large coin specialist dealer or a general antique dealer out of interest?


Hi Jeff,


Sorry for not responding sooner but have been on hols.


It was a specialist coin dealer and the coin was part of a bag of coins I took along, not impressed at all. I have since been doing some research and have sold said coins for considerably more than the money offered.



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