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BU multiple country coins - fake ??

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All, I'm a new joiner to this forum. I bought from ebay a lot 200 coins from 200 countries. The listing was titled as BU coins. But when I got the coins many of them were of Aluminium. Even the copper coins look unbelievable new for their year of minting. Please let me know if you have any idea about these coins ..? Are they Chinese fake? I have been ripped atleast thrice, if it were true. - Thanks

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If you'd like folks to take a look at your coins and give an opinion, photos would be a big help. There are many many BU coins available from different countries at very low cost. So your deal wasn't necessarily a bad one. Welcome and I hope that you'll share your interests with us and some of those neat coins you purchased.

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Many of these packages are put together using low denomination coins that generally get saved in large quantities.


Many are also struck for collectors - e.g. they were made for the collector market, and not for circulation.


I wouldn't be concerned at all.

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