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Fake Hawaiian dollar?


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From the lack of bidders here, it seems that I'm not the only one suspicious about it:

Hawaii Dollar (???) 1883 on eBay


You can compare it with this nice specimen on Heritage:

Hawaii 1883 dollar from a Heritage auction


If you take a close look at the letter "G" in "KING" in the obverse legend, you'll see some strange differences. But if it is fake, it is certainly very convincing. I really only looked closer because someone else is selling replicas of this type around the same time on eBay (and also because there have been no bidders).


Are there any other differences readily visible? Is this a known fake? :ninja:

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This counterfeit and other Hawaiian counterfeits are all over the place on eBay lately. Beware everything...sadly.

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BTW, I notice that in their previous sale their location was in Asia.

BINGO ... but it was only the transaction ended June 29, where the item apparently was located in Singapore. All other items were "located in Los Angeles, CA".


Some other red flags:

1. No returns accepted

2. Previous items all having to do with Korea or China

3. Low feedback of 25

4. Most previous feedback was all from users with less than 10 feedbacks themselves.

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Here's something that may help to make the obviousness jump out at you:


Put the eBay photo in one tab, and the Heritage photo in another. Now, looking at the Heritage photo, concentrate on the forward part of the cheekbone. While keeping your focus only on the cheekbone and letting all of the devices of the bust just sit at the edge of your vision, switch the tab to the eBay photo.


You should be able to see how much more round and cartoonish the eBay photo is. And you can do this with any coin, really. Focus on a device between two focal areas and switch the photos back and forth (making sure one photo is a known authentic piece). On the Hawaiian dollar, you could use the ear as well to get similar results.


Namely, the forehead and back of the head are giveaways. The counterfeit coin is well overly round when the profile should be flat.

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