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Gold Double Eagle 1905-S ?


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Hi. I need help.

I have such coin:




Did I recognise well that it's gold Double Eagle 1905-S? Is it it's full name? Google shows some different signs after some coin's names - e.g. XF/AU or PCGS --> what does it mean?

How much is such coin worth?


Thanks for help!

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Welcome to Coinpeople! The coin is a 1905-S $20 gold (double eagle), this is the more common of the 2 issued that year. XF/AU are grades, XF=Extra Fine, AU=About Uncirculated. PCGS is the Professional Coin Grading Service, which independently grades and certifies the authenticity of coins. This coin looks to be a nice uncirculated coin, so it could be worth up to $1,700 but it contains 0.9675 troy ounce of pure gold so the melt value is about $1,163. There are a number of counterfeit coins around, so these values depend on whether the coin is genuine. I don't see anything that leads me to believe it's not genuine, but you can't be sure with only photos. Hope this helps.

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