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Identification help needed (3 medals)

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I am a militaria collector and these three medals were included in a box lot of military items that I had purchased. I know nothing about these types of art medals and am seeking some assistance with identification, rarity, and value on each of the three medals I have pictured here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Sammy T.


- the first medal appears to be of German chemist Georg Lunge, artist: Hans Frei


- the second medal appears to be a WWI battle scene, artist: Marcel Prosper Lordonnois


- the third medal is a scene of some sort of castle with the caption "Le Mont St. Hichel" ; artist: unknown



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LINK scroll half way down for info on the 2nd medal, make sure you see the second post re that medal for the reply.


LINK More info here, plus auction price. If you look on the edge of the medal it should have inscribed F.D. BROWN Inc. N.J.


On August 3, 2009 at 7:11 am DYLAN RIVIS Said:

TO ELLEN BUCHNANAN – medal made in NJ not NY. Name is LORDONNOIS also.See info below found online.


Country: USA – New Jersey

Issued By: F.D. BROWN Inc. N.J.

Type: Commemorative

Details: AEF 1917 – 1918 | EF+

signature – ©Bv. M.LORDONNOIS,1919 – helmeted, rifle-toting American soldier rushing into battle, smaller soldier figures fire from trench, smoke rising, near rim “copyright” BY M. LORDONNOIS, 1919.

· 1917 FRANCE 1918 · – see NOTES

Grouping: Single


Shape: round.

Mint: (1919)

Wt./Size/Axis: 94.10g / 62mm / –

Acquisition/Sale: $41.03 Mar-03-09

Notes: Mar 13, 09 – reverse description: Top “· 1917 FRANCE 1918 ·” above map with incluse names (L) “SOISSONS BOIS BELLEAU CHATEAU-THIERRY”; (Center) “REIMS”; ® “ARGONNE VERDUN ST. MIHIEL”, below cross bar (L) “DEPOSE” ® “STUDER Eot”; a cross of Lorraine below in exergue.

The last medal is Michel

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LINK FOR LUNGE MEDAL This one is priced a lot higher, also adds when it was struck, 1923 the 100th aniversary of his birth.


Thank you for the link. Many fine medals there.

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thanks everyone for your input and expertise! This really helps me out a lot. I wonder why there was such a price difference on the Lunge medal?? One site was had price of $40 while the other was approximately $150??


thanks again.


Sammy T.

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