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could someone please help me and tell me how many countrys and which countrys use the euro


Accoding to http://geography.about.com/od/lists/a/euro.htm the countries that currently use the Euro (€) as their local scrip are:


1) Andorra

2) Austria

3) Belgium

4) Cyprus

5) Finland

6) France

7) Germany

8) Greece

9) Ireland

10) Italy

11) Kosovo

12) Luxembourg

13) Malta

14) Monaco

15) Montenegro

16) Netherlands

17) Portugal

18) San Marino

19) Slovakia

20) Slovenia

21) Spain

22) Vatican City


(Note, a few of these do not issue their own Euro coins.)


Estonia is expected to drop the krooni and begin circulating their own Euro coins as of 2011-01-01.


Several other countries, mostly part of the former Warsaw Pact/Soviet Empire (ie, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc) are expected to convert to the Euro within the next few years.



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