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1943 steel cent


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i am loookin in to getting a 1943 s-mint steel one cent could any one tell me how much these are worth in UNC condition please and if they come up for sale very often

Everything is relative; one man's UNC is another's AU.


Here are the PCGS prices:

PCGS price guide, Lincoln cents


1943-S in MS-63: $10


Now, the hard part will be to actually FIND one in true UNC... this series is known for its relatively quick deterioration due to rust, etc.


Good luck! :ninja:

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Difficult to answer since it really depends on where your at, availability to get to flea markets, coin shows and/or a coin store. I've seen them in MS grades for $1 at flea markets. $2 to $10 in MS Grades at coin stores and coin stores. These are the most common redone coins I've ever seen. They are replated with Tin, Zinc, Chrome, Copper and probably anything else on Earth. The Copper plated ones are done as more of a novelty due to the actual Copper ones which are really, really rare. Most of the other plated ones are done to hopefully sell to unknowing people as if they were either MS something or even a Proof and there was never those made.

All in all those coins are really common. I've never used ebay but I'm sure it is probably full of those.

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