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hi from newbie

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hello everyone i am new to this great forum and have already read some very interesting posts i have been collecting for a while now i have a collection of english 1880-2010 one of each coin minted mostly in unc i also collection usa coins i have the state quarters and presital dollars i also have a run of UNC one cents flying eagle, indian head, wheat, steel, lincolns and sheild running from 1856 to 2010, a large collection of nickels buffalo, jefferson, wartime jeffersons, westward journey and forward facing jefferson running from 1913-2010 also in UNC and i have a very large collection of dimes draped bust, capped bust, seated liberty, baber, mercury and roosevelt running from 1796-2010 i have got about 100 half dollars and 60 large dollars i have about 5000 world coins from many differents countrys to many to list i have a nice collection of india,russia,poland and iceland coins but i love pre-decimal english the most i have a proof set for every year from 1880-2010 and i have the 2010 shield in 9ct gold i am thinking about starting a new collection to pile some money into i want to do something completly different to what most people do i like to have a collection which is different i no 2 collection aint the same and every one has different coins but i want to try a country where not many people have done before so if any of you have any ideas i will be very gratefull if you let me no

one more thing i forgot to say is a big THANKS for having me in ur great forum

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