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Collecting Coins of Queen Elizabeth II

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EDIT: Update to show QEII Canadian coins over the years






Here is a collection of circulating coins from Canada, in here are several commemorative 50c & $2 coins. Also included are examples of the earlier 5c coin which was 12 sided at one point & was thicker than the current circulating coin & the 1c coin which was round, then was twelve sided & then became round again. Also included is an earlier $1 coin, which I believe was a commemorative only (although I could be wrong)






With the exception of the obverse the designs for Canada have more or less been unchanged for over 50 years rather uniquely, for a coin with a monarch's profile. This particular set shown above have a portrait of QEII that is unique to Canada.

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Posted Images

The Gambia






Up thread I mentioned how hard it was to get coins from The Gambia, however with some luck I went into my "local" coin shop (when I say local I mean Central London) & by chance this set was in one of the cabinets. As you can see they are a bit tarnished, however for £6 I can't complain (especially considering the costs of some British Gambia coins on ebay). The Gambia coins have one unique feature, the writing on the obverse is in a very unusual position, the writing is horizontal in the lower third of the coin rather than round the edge, this is the only country ever to do this that carries the Queen's portrait. Missing from this image is the 8 Shillings coin of which I hope to obtain soon.

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Isle Of Man (1971-1983)


Well here we go, the one I dreaded scanning, coins of the Isle Of Man (of which the currency is known as the Manx Pound), so vast is this collection that I still have a couple of incomplete sets. There have been 8 series of coins so far of which some have been rather unique & distinctive. As there are so many images to post here I have split the Isle Of Man into several posts, bare with me:


The first 4 series of coins (series 1-3 shown in this post) draw on more traditional items, wildlife, etc. of the Isle itself, something which appeared on their coins for almost 20 years.


Series 1 - 1971-1975










The First series is rather traditional for the Isle Of Man, featuring animals, flora & fauna, symbols, etc. that are know to the isle of man, coins minted in this series were 1/2p, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p & 50p. Bonus picture of a silver 1p coin showing the detail of this rather nice looking coin




Series 2 - 1976-1979






The Second series is more or less the first series MkII as in they still display animals, buildings, etc. but with the addition of the map of the Isle Of Man, this particular set from 1979 has an extra little stamp mark to celebrate the "Millennium Of Tynwald - 979-1979" on each coin. This series also saw the introduction of the £1 coin in 1978 (not displayed here but displayed below) which pre-dates the UK £1 by 5 years.



Series 3 - 1980-1983










The Third series is one of my favourites, again featuring things native to the Isle Of Man however with some lovely details around each object in question. The first two images are of an uncirculated set with the 1/2p, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 50p & £1 coins enclosed, the next two images are of the coins introduced during this series, the 20p (which is my favourite of this series due to it's level of detail for a modern coin) & the £1 coin which ultimately replaced the thinner silver coloured versions.

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Isle Of Man (1984-1999)


As we leave the 80's and enter the 90's the coins of the IOM take a very different direction design wise, gone are the variations on traditional items of the Isle and in come designs for Technology & Sports on the Isle.


Series 4 - 1984-1987






The Fourth series is my second favourite series from the Isle Of Man, again following on from previous series, theme wise, this one seems to be a variant on the previous theme. This set from 1985 also has an additional stamp mark on it for the "Isle Of Man, Year Of Sport 1985". Unfortunately, much like the previous series several of these coins have been retired from circulation due to the size changes of the 5p, 10p & 50p coins. The £1 coin is missing from this picture.



Series 5 - 1988-1995 (Industry on the Isle Of Man)














The Fifth series is one of the longest running and also rather oddest of the lot, to be honest not one of my favourites, especially compared to the last two series, however the first one to break away from the more traditional images on the Isle Of Man coins, this series concentrates mostly on industry in the IOM. The first two pics of the set dated from 1989 show all coins from 1p-50p. As you can see the design for the now discontinued older sized 50p shows a now rather dated PC. The next two pics are of the £1 from this series which shows a very dated mobile phone & the last two images are of coins that replaced those from earlier in the series. As you can see the smaller 5p keeps exactly the same design, however the smaller 10p has a more traditional design, presumably because all coins featuring the Triskeles emblem where withdrawn, the 20p now has the same border as the UK version however the design remained the same although shrunk down to fit inside the border, oddly enough the design on this modified design was replaced the following year.


Series 6 - 1996-1999 (Sporting Series)






The Sixth series sees another complete change in design for the coins of the IOM, unfortunately this is one of the sets I have which are incomplete as the 1p & 10p coins are missing from this picture and my collection. This set depicts sport that is played on the Isle itself, since this set was introduced (I believe) that the Pobjoy Mint has since issued commemorative 50p coins, in particular those for the Manx TT racing. I should point out, the reason for there been two £1 coins been posted above is because rather oddly the £1 coin on the left does not feature the Triskeles emblem round the outside like all the rest of the IOM coins, unfortunately I don't know why this variation exists, anyone have any ideas?

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Isle Of Man (2000-2010)


Into the 21st Century now and we sort of come full circle as the coins go back to the more traditional designs of the 70's & 80's rather than the more "random" designs of the 90's.


Series 7 - 2000-2003 (Millennium Series)










Back to more traditional designs for Series 7, a set that I rather like, particularly the 5p, 50p & £1 coins, unfortunately the £5 coins is missing from this set, I hope to get hold of it in the near future. I believe this set was known as the "Millennium Series", rather interestingly with this set it was the first to introduce an everyday circulating £5 coin, something of which the other countries that use the Pound have yet to introduce, although a £5 coin to replace the £5 note has been spoke of in the last few years for the UK, although nothing has come of it, so far.


EDIT: £2 coin for this series has now been added, see above, although dated 2002 it is from the same series


Series 8 - 2004-2010






The Eighth & current series of coins of the Isle Of Man of which all feature buildings or landmarks of the Isle Of Man, although this set I do have the £2 coin I unfortunately don't have the £5 coin again. This set is the second longest minted now in it's sixth year (the longest minted series is currently Series 5 from 1988-1995), with a change of design due next year, however whether it does remains to be seen, I personally hope that 2011 sees a new design myself.



Phew, that took ages to post, thankfully the biggest series is now more of less done. Onto the much more smaller a simpler sets from now on :ninja:

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Guernsey has had two series of decimal coins, the first series did not oddly enough feature a portrait of the Queen or bare her name (and so has not been posted on here), however the second series (introduced in 1985) displayed the Queen's head, along with the crest of Guernsey which was on the obverse of all coins prior to 1985, Guernsey is the only country to have another symbol alongside the Queens head (although the IOM coins have the Triskeles round the edge). A complete set shown above with a bonus 10 Shilling coin from 1996 (in the same shape and size as the latter Jersey £1 coin of 1981), I have included this here as it was the only coin prior to 1985 in Guernsey that displayed the head of a monarch.

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East Africa






Another one of those nations of which getting hold of the Queen Elizabeth II variant of the coin is tough, unfortunately I only have one coin from this set & although the detail is still very clear the coin does have rust pictures on it sadly, I hope to get a few more East African coins with QEII but these sadly seem to be few & far between.

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Malaya & British Borneo






Unfortunately another incomplete set, I'll be honest this is a series which falls under the "dull" category, which may be why I've never really pursued more from this are, well that & they're hard to get hold of, the 10c & 50c are missing from this set.

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Rhodesia & Nyasaland


EDIT: New scan now includes the Threepence coin






In contrast to the previous series, the Rhodesia & Nyasaland coins are one of my favourites, sadly they are very hard to get hold of possibly because the designs are so striking & a lot of people like them. Only two coins here sadly at the mo, Two Shillings & Half Crown, I do however have a Three Pence on the way to me. Interestingly enough the Three Pence & Two Shillings seem to be the most common of the lot (on eBay at least).


EDIT: Threepence coin now added, oddly enough this seems to be the only common Rhodesia & Nyasaland coin with the Six Pence & One Shilling seeming to be the most elusive


My search for coins of Rhodesia & Nyasaland continues :ninja:

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Isle of Man,


Series 4 is Heraldry (1984-1987)

Series 5 is Technology (1988-1995) rather than industry. Ellan Vannin is the Manx name for the Isle of Man.

The 5p of 1994-1995 was modified to have a pair of golf clubs.


As in Jersey the Isle of Man still has £1 notes - £1 and £2 Isle of Man coins are quite hard to find in change.

The £5 does not circulate to the best of my knowledge - though I suppose it would be possible to spend one.


The 1998 without Triskeles issue was rather odd, it seems the first batch issued did not have the Triskeles, whilst the coins since did. 1p, 2p, 5p and £1 were issued with this 'error' - Krause also lists a 10p but I cannot confirm that it exists.



Christmas 50p have been issued for every year since 1980 (two in 2008)

TT 50p were issued 1981-1984, 1999, 2004, 2007 (two), 2009 and 2010.

A special 50p was issued in 1979 and 1980 to commemorate the millennium of the Tynwald (the Manx parliament),

and a 1994 issue commemorated the legislative building centenary.

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South Africa






Another incomplete set sadly, this time for South Africa, included here is the 1p, 3p, 1s & 5s coins, coins from South Africa especially with QEII's portrait are rather hard to get hold of, especially in good condition. The designs for certain coins were carried over onto the first Rand coins of 1961 which carried a portrait of Jan van Riebeeck.

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Really great thread! I just recently started collecting coins and it is the coins which feature the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II which has initiated this interest for me.


Anyways, a quick question from a noobie to the forum here, and to the hobby....


Canada released a circulating commemorative 50 cent coin featuring the same effigy used on the 1953 Coronation Medallion, but I can find no reference to who sculpted the image. Can anybody tell me who the artist who designed the obverse for this coin was?



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Really great thread! I just recently started collecting coins and it is the coins which feature the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II which has initiated this interest for me.


Anyways, a quick question from a noobie to the forum here, and to the hobby....


Canada released a circulating commemorative 50 cent coin featuring the same effigy used on the 1953 Coronation Medallion, but I can find no reference to who sculpted the image. Can anybody tell me who the artist who designed the obverse for this coin was?




I really like that portrait, shame it hasn't been used on more coins IMO. As for the sculptor, unfortunately I don't know who did it unfortunately. I'm rather hoping that come the Diamond Jubilee year they change the portrait like they did with Victoria in one of her Jubilee years.


A few more examples up in a little while & a few updated up thread.

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United Kingdom


OK so originally I wasn't going to add the UK to this but I might as well seeing as this is a thread about coins baring QEII's portrait. EDIT: UK Pound sets now added






All are here barring the Farthing (I thought I had a loose one of those), of which would be the last pre-decimal coins of the UK. Several designs carried over from George VI (namely the Farthing, Half Penny & One Penny) but the majority were re-designed. I have included the 1960 Five Shilling coin here, reason being that unlike the rest this one doesn't actually state what it's commemorating like the rest & just looks like a rather nice, standard circulating coin.






First set of decimal coins for the UK, of which only the 1/2p, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p & 50p were released. All these coins bare the "New Pence/Penny", which was replaced by 1982 with the values of each coin instead when the 20p was introduced.






Here are the decimal coins nearly 40 years on, the 1/2p has been withdrawn, the 5p, 10p & 50p have been shrunk and the 20p, £1 & £2 have been introduced. Shown here is the old sized 5p (with Five Pence rather than New Pence on it) & old sized (thickness wise) £2 coin which was more of a commemorative coin than a general circulation coin at that point, although they are still legal tender. Some coins here are dated 2008, the original plan was to not release any of the original series dated 2008, however several coins (namely the 1p, 5p & 10p) ended up in circulation for some reason (although the 1p & 5p often have circulation issues as a lot of people don't like using them in this day & age due to their size I don't know why the 10p issue never circulated).






In 2008 we got the biggest change in UK coinage for 40 years, gone were the designs of Christopher Ironside & in came the new designs by Matthew Dent who's designs won the competition to redesign them by the Royal Mint, several years earlier. The coins are rather unique as six of them form together to make up the Royal Shield, originally the £1 coin was excluded however I imagine that due to the design that was eventually chosen, they decided to change the £1 coin to show the design as a whole. The £2 coin remained unchanged (and so is missing from this set). There are several other changes as well, the beading round the outside has now been removed, the date for the 20p coin is now on the front instead of the back & the point of the 50p is now at the bottom instead of the top. I do rather like these coins, however when Queen Elizabeth II finally leaves the throne I imagine these will be discontinued. The problem with these coins is that if the Royal Mint decided to withdraw (for example) the 1p & 2p coins or shrink the 2p coin, then the whole design of them will need to be changed. Also whilst the 2p, 10p & 50p have rather detailed areas of the shield, the 1p & 20p in particular end up with the arse end of the design (literally with the 20p). Either way they're unique and rather striking, when all put together.






Bit of an odd curio here, a "What if" of sorts, these were the first pattern Euro coins minted for the UK to show what the coins would look like if the UK had adopted the Euro on the 1st January 2002. Obviously for legal reasons the reverses are not the official ones, the obverse however could pass as an official portrait of the Queen although due to new rules on EU coins the "United Kingdom" legend would have to move up outside the border. Three unofficial sets have been minted for the UK, 2002 (pictured above), 2003 (without a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II) & 2006 which features Queen Elizabeth II but with different reverses. I shall post pics of the complete 2006 at a later date. the 2c & 1 Euro are missing from this scan above.

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Cayman Islands






Oddly enough the Cayman Islands only has four circulating coins for some reason, however I have seen a set (which someone bought the day before I was going to :ninja:) which also contains a 50c, $1, $2 & $5 coins so they may have issued the 50c & $1 for general circulation at one point.


Other than that I don't know much else about the Cayman Islands, the coins are very hard to get hold of even for a currently circulating set.

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Very hard to obtain coins with QEII's portrait from Ceylon so much so that this is the only coin I own from their unfortunately, nothing else to add at the mo :ninja:


Only the 2 cents were ever issued (1955+1957) with Elizabeth II portrait on, the George VI 1951 coins were issued without date change for many years until independence.

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Only the 2 cents were ever issued (1955+1957) with Elizabeth II portrait on, the George VI 1951 coins were issued without date change for many years until independence.


Oh really, fascinating I did wonder why the only other Elizabeth II coin I've seen for Ceylon was another 2 cent coin, do you know why it was only the two cent coin that was changed at all? Did anything similar happen in other countries at all?

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Since it was the discovery of the commemorative quarts released by Canada that initiated my interest in collecting QEII coins, here are scans of a few of the quarter sets I picked up when I first started collecting.....










The obverse from the Canadian quarter - 2002, 1999, 2000, 1992, 2005

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Nice, liking those quite a lot, I think I have one coin from the 2000 set, the top left one that says Integrity. Thanks for sharing those pics :ninja:


I have a few more to upload tomorrow (Fri), I'm hoping several more turn up tomorrow so can I can get some of these sections updated, I've been holding back on my Fiji coins, so far as I've been awaiting those coins from there.

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Turks & Caicos Islands






Turks & Caicos Islands is one of several overseas territories/commonwealth members that issues commemorative coins only as opposed to standard circulating coins. Here is a picture of two coins from these islands, the first one is a One Crown coin from 1969 the second one is a 25 Crown coin from 2000 celebrating the millennium.

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Nightingale Island






Another commemorative only issue, this time Nightingale Island, the coin on the left commemorates the 60th anniversary of VE day whilst the right coin celebrates the 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. These coins feature a portrait not normally issued on general circulating coins.

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