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How About Some Errors?


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Paper money is great because SO many people don't really look at it and if they do they have no clue. Here are a few errors I got at face or for a small premium.


I got this one from the local gas station. I was running a truck stop at the time and we sold lottery tickets. Problem was you couldn't buy lottery tickets where you worked so I bought them at the station about 2 blocks from home.

Good thing as I came in one day and the cashier showed me this and said "can you believe it's real?"

I replied yes and asked what she was going to do with it. She was going to put it in the safe so I told her I'd be right back with $50.

She actually marked it with a counterfeit detecting marker. Had it for years before I had it slabbed. I also saw it's twin at a show and the guy was asking $600. $50 worked better for me.




Another truck stop find. This one by the guy that ran one of the other truck stops owned by the same people. He called me when he found this and asked if I'd be interested. Certainly was and he only wanted face value for it. I tossed in a silver eagle for finding it.




Finally, yet another truck stop find. The maintenance man at the same store as the last example got this in change. He refused to take more than $10 for it. I didn't aruge too much.




I've also found my share of misaligned prints, partial offsets, web notes and a LOT of 295 engraving errors in my time. It's out there if one knows what to look for.


Happy hunting!

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How about some Canadian errors?


Mismatched serial numbers:









Mismatched prefix:






Missing digit:




Dropped digit:



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looks like the ELN prefix $20s really missed QC eh?


Yeah...a bad series for them. But, there were several other prefixes that have mismatched serial numbers. Most have been found in eastern Canada, not too many where I am.

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