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1858 20 Cents

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They only made these in 1858. This 20 cent piece looks spanking new. Or is it? Anybody have opinions about this coin being cleaned. I am thinking about having it graded and slabbed but I don't want to if its been cleaned.



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From the pics, I'd say definately cleaned. The details are quite sharp, but for the level of detail (lack of wear), there is suprisingly little original lusture (around EI of DEI and in the C of CANADA for example), suggesting that it has been cleaned.


Also, there's some lines that would suggest that whatever used to clean it with wasn't very soft (scouring brush?)

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Yea, there are a lot of parallel scratches on it. I guess sometime in its 150 year history someone decided to shine it up. Wish I could remember what I originally paid for it.

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