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coin value?


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Let me preface this by letting you know that I know nothing about how to place value on a coin (aside from reading what they say :ninja:) which is why I need your help.


My grandfather recently gave me a 1868 gold liberty head dollar which my parents currently have in their possession. Before my parents give it back to me, they want to have it appraised and before they have it appraised, they want to have a ballpark figure of what sort of value we should be expecting so we don't get taken.


I've spent some time doing research online but I'm having a hard time getting any accurate data because....the coin is in a ring. My grandfather got this coin from his father when he was growing up in Germany(his father got it from a US soldier in WWI, if my memory serves me) and grandpa brought it with him to the US when he moved here after the war. When he married my grandmother, he had the coin placed in a gold ring which he then gave to her. My grandmother passed away and he held on to the ring for 20 years so he could give it to me as a college graduation present.


Obviously, regardless of the determined monetary value, the sentimental value will still be very high however, my family is concerned about me keeping something too valuable in my apartment rather than a safety deposit box. Does the fact that the coin is set in a ring detract from the value (I'm guessing that's a big 'yes')? Is this particular coin even considered all that valuable? Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated. I don't have pictures of the ring/coin at the moment, but I should have some in a few days if that helps at all.

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The value really depends on whether or not the coin was damaged when it was placed in the ring. My reference book states the average buying price for the 1868 $1 gold coin at about $200. Of course, this would be lowered slightly if the coin was damaged in any way. Generally a coin in such a state is considered jewelry, so I would consult a jeweler for the value. I would expect a value between $150-300.

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As said above, it all depends on if the coin had been damaged when being set into the ring, as well as the overall grade/condition of the coin if it is not damaged. Assuming the coin itself was damaged being set in the ring, a coin dealer may offer anywhere from 10% back of spot to $140 for it. A jeweler may offer a bit more than that.

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