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Allied Military Currency (Germany) - sign of engraver?


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Hello all, I'm new to currency collecting and have a question regarding WWII Allied Military Currency (Germany). I have a series 1944 50 Mark note with 8 digit serial number that is in good condition. I did some research and found that these particular notes can be valuable if they contain the sign of the engraver. Since I'm a newbee I am not sure what the sign of the engraver looks like, nor where to find it. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

(I don't have pic of note available yet as I am going to be buying a new camera today.)

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I think you're talking not about the engraver, but the printer. Notes printed by Forbes (USA) have a small German "F" hidden in the scrollwork in the lower right corner, wheras notes printed in Russia do not. I don't collect German notes, so I'm just looking at my SCWPM here. If you have the catalog you can see it, or probably if you can show a hi-rez view of the lower right corner of the note, someone here can tell you whether the "F" is there or not.


Here's the "F" on a French banknote, so you can see what it should look like...





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Thanks for the info Dave. I finally got a camera and took a photo of my note, but looks like the pic is too large to upload?? The pic is 3 million bytes and this forum only allows up to 100k bytes?? Not sure how to get the photo uploaded.



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005_crop2.jpg006_crop2.jpgOk, I fooled around with things and think I finally got it to work. Here are pics of the lower right and left of the note. I don't see any signs of the printers mark, but then again I'm no expert. Do you see anything?


you are not looking at the right spot.

here are the places, in red spot, i used only a image or the 3 types

  • For 1/2 mark, 1 and 5 mark- see the picture of 1 mark
  • for 10 mark
  • for 20, 50, 100, 1000 mark see 50 mark note.

pics from Ron wise site, with my edit, as i am to lazy to scan my notes...

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