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Final Predictions

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I went through all 16 and had my own playoffs.


ccg had 4 coins in the quarter finals, two coins in the semifinals, two in the finals.


I predict:


Second place goes to.... ccg - 1916 India -1/4 Rupee


and first place goes to...















ccg - 1941 East Africa - 1 Shilling



I knew when I saw those two that they would compete. It was a tough choice, but the lion motif fits the royals and fits East Africa. The older coin has great relief and a great pattern but it just couldn't cut it. The 1941 is well-shot, in great condition, and has a powerful, elegant, but simple design on both sides.

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I've chosen only half of the first round correctly :ninja: Though 3 of those 4 made the semi finals in my bracket and the two I predicted to be in the finals advanced too!


Since I'm not sure how Aetheling is doing the matchups in future rounds, I'll just predict the quarter finals:


CCG 1916 beats YOC in a tough fight between two great coins

CCG 1941 beats Mat's 1746 in a tough fight. The finalist advances to the semis

Standard gold beats a silver beauty (Sorry, I think gold coins are overrated usually in these contests)

Mat's 1562 upsets (in my opinion) ccg's 1926.

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Quarter Final Fixtures;


Top 16.1 winner V. Top 16.5 winner = QF.1

Top 16.2 winner V. Top 16.6 winner = QF.2

Top 16.3 winner V. Top 16.7 winner = QF.3

Top 16.4 winner V. Top 16.8 winner = QF.4



Semi-Final will be formed as follows:


QF.1 winner V. QF.3 winner = SF.1

QF.2 winner V. QF.4 winner = SF.2


Final will be formed as follows:


SF.1 winner V. SF.2 winner

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There is method in the madness, I wanted to make sure that it was well mixed up. As you may have noted Groups A to E were primarily UK coins, whereas all other groups were from elsewhere in the former empire. I figured that if I kept it like your first suggestion (as I had intended) then the UK coins would have a greater chance of getting through to the final as they'd be able to get to the semis unopposed by any colonial issues, by making sure all the UK issues had to take on a colonial then it would be fairer as more coins from different geographical areas would be able to progress further.

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