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37.5 roubles on Ebay


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The color looks off on one of the photos, the no return accepted and it's from Tel-Aviv (israel) too many fakes come from there.

So I would stay away


Very good advice, IMHO! :ninja:


Besides, rare as they might be, I see one offered at just about every other auction of Künker, NGSA, Gorny & Mosch, UBS, New York Sale, etc. Sure they are expensive, but if you have the money, it should be fairly easy to find a genuine one.


Now as to the question of whether this particular coin is fake or not -- perhaps the pictures are of a genuine coin, but the question remains: Will the coin you receive be the same as in the picture? Will you receive anything at all?? Those pictures are so detailed, if the coin in the pictures is fake, it should be very easy to determine. Just look around for other pictures of known genuine 37-1/2 rouble coins with the same amount of detail.


But for that kind of money, I would want to hold the coin in hand (with a loupe... and a few hours to spare... weigh it with accurate scales... maybe invite a friendly dealer or expert who is knowledgeable about these things to look at it, too... can't do any of these things on eBay!)

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Here's a genuine 37-1/2 rouble coin sold in the Hess-Divo auction last month:


Sold for CHF 160,000! :ninja:



Yeah, I would strongly recommend against buying anything at that level of rarity and price on Ebay. There is just very little you can do against a seller in another country, operating a mail order business (essentially) with zero return policy or legitimacy. If you have $26K to spend, spend it at an auction house. I shop ebay for coins that are worth a tank or two of gas in my car. Not the whole car itself.


That's IMHO.



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