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Giveaway, pay only postage costs *CLAIMED*

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I bought this small box of coins some years ago at a flea market. I picked out missing dates that I needed and this has been sitting on my shelf ever since. (I have even sent some extras to members at various times.) There are lots of doubles here, some in decent shape and others in poor shape. I doubt there is anything of particular value, but then again I only looked for basic date and mint marks.


Anyhow, I'm roughly guessing the weight is about 500 grams, so an equally ROUGH estimate of postage costs to the US for example would be around €6 at the Economy rate (ie surface mail). The actual cost will vary if the weight is different and if someone wants air mail.


Here is an equally rough photo that I quickly took. Sorry it's not in focus. It's just to give an idea what is being offered. There are 100+ coins.




Interesting trades are also welcome!


PM me if you are interested in these.

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