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PCV damage on my 1936 Silver Dollar??


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I'm not sure where to post this but just in case someone has experience with PVC damage, I'm wondering if the light green "spots" on the obverse of this Silver Dollar could be PVC residue?


This coin is also ICCS graded EF-45 (still in original holder) but nothing was mentioned by ICCS in the comments section. It's an otherwise beautiful coin but these spots are somewhat distracting. I hope it's not PVC residue but would like opinions from people who know more about this. The reverse is completely clean, picture shown for comparison. Thanks for your feedback!





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I'm afraid it probably is PCV residue. Sometimes after it has been removed from a coin, it will creep back, starting with the devices.


It's a bit distracting, but still a nice looking coin IMO. FWIW I don't know what the policy is at ICCS for something like this. If they had a webpage I'd email them about it, but they don't, so you may have to try getting a hold of them by phone. I'd be curious to find out what they say.

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