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Zimbabweans holding 10 trillion in “manure” also a very nice note i got


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page0_blog_entry213_2_1_.jpgAs if suffering the world’s worst inflation (1,200% annualized rate) weren’t punishment enough, Reuters South Africa reports that Zimbabweans failed to exchange more than 10 trillion Zimbabwe dollars (US$40 million) worth of old bank notes (such as the one shown above) prior to the August 21 deadline.


Adding insult to injury, Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono quipped, "I can tell you that 10 trillion (in old bank notes) is still out there and it has become manure."

what you guys think of that?

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... what you guys think of that?



Sadly, I think the people are likely used to it. Have you seen the banknotes denominated in cents? they were issued in 1, 5, 10 and (I believe a 25) and 50 cent denominations. As I remember reading, if you were a bank and wanted to order money, you'd get your order mixed with these lower denominations (including smaller dollar denominations too). The banks, not wanting to be stuck with these small notes issued them to the public, who had almost no need for such small denominations, but had to take them. Over time, the small notes were disregarded to such a degree that they weren't bothered with and not turned in for exchange by a large portion of the populace. This compounded and the net result was that the gov't evidently reaped the rewards of disappearing money when they employed one of there several exchanges - like they did with all those notes sold to collectors worldwide.


Sadly, the money scheme is not the worst of it. It started when Mugabe lost it mentaly, ruined the farms, ruined the businesses, ruined the economy, ruined the country and caused everyone there to suffer needlessly. Like they say: Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those poor people need to revolt, but it seems to not be in their character. The people are much better than their sad excuse for a government.


That's what I think.


I also think your note is quite nice! :ninja:

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