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BEP Souvenir Cards


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Souvenir Cards are high quality cards issued to commemorate some significant event such as a Coin or Stamp Convention. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) began issuing cards in 1969 and in most cases uses original master dies from the Currency or Stamp Series. Most are intaglio printed and provide a wonderful way to enjoy the art of the designers, engravers and printers without having the expense of purchasing an original. The Souvenir Card Collectors Society (SCCS) created a numbering system for the cards that identifies various issuing organizations and provides a means of cataloging and identifing individual cards. The BEP cards start with B1 issued for SANDIPEX in 1969.


Here are a few of my favorites from the BEP.


B047 IPMS 1980 $10 Series 1901



B133 FUN 1990 $5 Series 1897 SC



B010 WESTPEX 1971



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Got a few new Souvenir Cards for the collection.



I really like the scene on this stamp. BEP issued a number of very nice cards in this timeframe for different Stamp Shows with Airmail Stamp themes. Very nice.



Another nice airmail card.



Great stamps on this one. I'm going to get a cancelled version when I can find one.

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Added this card to my collection this week.


B094 ANA Convention 1986 5 Cent Fractional.



B094 1986 ANA 5 Cents by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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I won a few interesting BEP Cards on ebay a bit ago. Here are a few that are already scanned.



B228 1998 Long Beach 10 Dollar NBN by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



B250 2000 Savings Bond by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr



B194 1995 ColoPex 1 Dollar Perry Stamp by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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So you actually get the stamps and bill? Or prints using the same dies on this special paper?



The cards are printed using the original dies and an intaglio press. It's a great way to have a beautiful example of notes that I would never - short of the lottery - be able to afford.

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Here's another neat Souvenir Card from the sets I just received. The Black Eagle is an extremely popular note. Wish I had a real one in my collection.



B192 FUN 1995 Series 1899 1 Dollar Black Eagle face by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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This card commemorates two of the things that I always thought were great about America. Our quest for space, launched by JFK and JFK himself. To me, more important than the man was the orderly transition that occurred upon his death.



B051 1981 Stamp Expo 1967 13 Cent JFK Stamp by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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