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My new coin 1958 - 10 kopek


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Less? More?


Much more, as far as I remember. The 1958 10 Kopek coins weren't officially released into circulation and most were remelted. As far as value, it all depends on how badly someone needs it for their Soviet collection. But it's definitely worth more than you'd normally expect for a 50s Soviet coin.

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Aукцион Волмар 22 апреля 2010 $ 1600

This online auction is "famous" for it's "not-so-real" sales... In a condition as shown (if it is original, which I do not have enough knowledge to judge) 10 kop. 1958 should be priced closer to $700-$800, imho.

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This is original?


What is the price? 500$? 1000$ or 1500$? or +++?


Nice condition.


I have purchased 10 kopecks 1958 in 2001 for $150.00 and sold in 2004-2005? for $400.00. Today prices for USSR coins highest then before.



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